Individual incentive travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the incentive, rewards and recognition industry – and for good reason. Individual incentive travel meets the specific needs of today’s society – a desire for more choice, flexibility, personalization, and customization.

The success of any incentive or recognition program depends on its participants being motivated by the reward being offered. For the incentive participant, individual travel is highly motivating because it …

  • Offers a choice of destinations and companions (couples or family)
  • Guarantees flexibility with travel dates that meet personal and family schedules
  • Encourages personalization and customization of the travel experience
  • Creates a memorable experience that outlasts cash or merchandise
  • Allows for family time with the growing number of dual-career households
  • Provides a perceived sense of security … as participants do not travel as a group, and may choose a destination or experience closer to home.

Today people want to be recognized in a way that’s personally meaningful to them.

They still rank a travel experience as their top motivator, but they now desire the choice and flexibility to go where and when they wish. And to take with them whomever they choose.

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