The TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card is an unique, dual-tender travel award debit and gift card. It offers ultimate flexibility to match your program needs and participant profile. Each card carries a unique 19-digit redemption number that reflects the dollar value that is associated with it.

The value on the TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card is completely open-ended. Any dollar amount may be associated with the card’s redemption number. This allows for its use in tiered incentive programs (e.g. $500, $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000), or for recognizing ad hoc individual performance or service. The program sponsor determines the value associated with each TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card.

To redeem the value on a TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card, the card recipient …

  • Browses the TravelAwardsOnline Web-based catalog,
  • Enters the unique redemption number from the card into the shopping cart, and
  • Redeems an award selection from over 40 travel categories — from accommodations, cruises, air travel and rental car to adventure travel, sports, action experiences, pre-packaged travel, spas, live entertainment and dining.

At checkout, the value of the award selection is debited real-time from the card. The card has no expiration date — any unredeemed value remains on the card for later redemptions.

As an added benefit … if the cost of a desired experience is greater than the value of the TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card, individuals may pay the balance with a personal credit card.

The TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card may be co-branded with client logo, program theme, or program graphics (a one-time setup fee will apply.) These travel cards may be bulk-shipped to program sponsors for in-person award distribution. Or, they may be shipped directly to the award earner with a personalized award transmittal letter using names and copy provided by the program sponsor. The value is not printed on the card — it is found by going online to a proprietary Web site.

Contact us to arrange a Webinar walk-through of our online individual travel awards catalog. You’ll see how the TravelAwardsOnline Experience Card makes travel award redemption an easy and rewarding experience for your program participants!