Individual travel awards are remarkably flexible and easy to use! They are effective in driving performance improvement in a wide variety of incentive, rewards and recognition programs, involving both sales and non-sales personnel.

Recognizing the motivational power of travel, individual travel awards may be used to recognize performance and achieve pre-determined goals with the following type of programs:

  • Sales incentives (direct and channel)
  • Non-sales employee recognition
  • Employee productivity
  • Recruitment
  • Retention / turnover reduction
  • Human Resources length of service awards
  • Loyalty, frequency, and referral awards
  • Wellness incentives
  • Safety awards
  • Cost reduction / suggestion
  • Attendance / absenteeism
  • Customer rewards

Individual travel awards work well …

  • as on-the-spot rewards for immediate recognition
  • with multi-tier programs between group travel (the top tier) and merchandise (the bottom tier)
  • with spurt programs when an extra boost is needed mid-way through a longer incentive program
  • when program participants are offered a similar-value choice between merchandise or travel
  • when the number of participants is too small to justify a group travel program, but the corporate sponsor still wishes to offer travel as the award.


Today the industry also is seeing individual travel awards offered as a positive alternative to a group travel award when participants can’t travel on the group travel dates, or when the corporate sponsor wishes to avoid the media scrutiny of a group incentive travel program.


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