How It Works

Nothing motivates and rewards like a travel experience!

Individual travel awards are powerful management tools for driving performance to realize pre-set corporate goals and objectives. For incentive and recognition programs, studies show that a travel experience is more effective — and has a longer-lasting effect on behavioral change — than either cash or merchandise.

And for good reason. Individual incentive travel meets the specific needs of today’s society – a desire for more choice, flexibility, personalization, and customization.

Individual travel incentives are effective in a variety of incentive and recognition programs, involving both sales and non-sales personnel. Key program applications include sales incentives and employee productivity, but there are many more!

Today individual travel awards also are offered as a positive alternative to a group travel award when participants can’t travel on the group travel dates, or when the corporate sponsor wishes to avoid the media scrutiny of a group incentive travel program.

TravelAwardsOnline offers an online solution for individual incentive travel awards. Using TravelAwardsOnline Experience and Cruise Cards, earned value from an incentive program may be redeemed online for experiences from more than 40 travel award categories. From the online individual incentive travel awards catalog, TravelAwardsOnline Card holders may select a specific award, or combine any number of awards to create their own customized travel experiences.

The two TravelAwardsOnline Cards are flexible and easy to use. The value on the Cards is completely open-ended — any dollar amount may be associated with the card’s unique redemption number. Plus, the cards have no expiration date — any unredeemed value remains on the card for later redemptions.


As an added benefit, the TravelAwardsOnline Cards are dual-tender. If the cost of a desired experience is greater than the value of the TravelAwardsOnline Cards, individuals may pay the balance with a personal credit card.

Contact us to arrange a Webinar walk-through of our online individual travel awards catalog. You’ll see how the TravelAwardsOnline Experience and Cruise Cards make travel

award redemption an easy and rewarding experience for your program participants!